Yahoo! Hack Day – Paxilled

There’s a special buzz around the halls of Yahoo! today as Hack Day is about to begin. We have 24 hours to build, modify, or tweak the existing Yahoo! Technologies. We can also go outside the box and build new technologies.

Hundertwasser pathway in Vienna

I have decided to go way, way, way outside the box with my hack. I’m hacking the lexicon, the dictionary, the world of slang. I’m bypassing the world of code and trying to use the social network world to add a new word to our vocabulary.


Pronunciation: ‘paks-seld’
Function: adjective
  1. Resembling the common side-effects of Paxil® medication: blurry, anxious, confused.
    Sample Uses
    The new Tarantino film left me paxilled
    The site launched with a crowded, paxilled navigation menu
    The lensbaby gives photos a paxilled effect
  2. Medicated with Paxil.
    Sample Uses
    Susan is happier with her paxilled hubby.

This hack is about the web’s social network capability. Consider this an invitation to use the word and publish it.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Visit for the full definition and links to progress results.
  • If you use Flickr , add the tag “paxilled” to images that are… paxilled. These could be images that are blurry, confused, hectic, anxious… The image could be perfectly normal but represent a paxilled person, place or thing.
  • Join the new Flickr photo group: paxilled
  • Use paxilled in a blog post and add the tag “paxilled”. Use paxilled in other types of publications.
  • Use paxilled in your daily conversation.
  • Add paxilled to wikipedia, urban slang dictionary, or any other online resource center that you think may be appropriate.

If you have something online, share it with a comment on this post.

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