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  • Open Government Data – A virtual revolution

    There’s a tremendous amount of government data available on the internet today. It’s an open data revolution led by the United States and the United Kingdom. This data ranges from the basic (crime, weather, finances, education) to the obscure (suicide rates, bicycle accidents). Through analysis, data can expose inefficiencies, corruption, geo-distributed social patterns, and successful policies. Data transparency flips the tables and gives citizens the tools to hold government more accountable.

  • Make a niche search engine with Yahoo! BOSS

    The Yahoo! Developer Network blog just published an article I wrote about Yahoo! BOSS. It discusses how to use the search filters and query attributes with the BOSS API. I’ve used these methods on V3GGIE.com, a vegetarian search engine and will be launching a new niche search engine in the next few weeks. Update I’ve […]

  • Yahoo Search Monkey in Paris

    The Yahoo! Developer Network recently held an event in Paris to introduce SearchMonkey to local developers. I was on hand to help discuss microformats. I’ve got a brief write up of the event on the YDN blog: SearchMonkey in Paris. SearchMonkey SearchMonkey allows developers to create enhanced search result presentations for a web site. These […]