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  • Fix Copy/Paste on your Mac

    Learn how to fix the copy/paste functionality on your Mac via Terminal.

  • Enable full keyboard access on your Mac

    This article was originally written by Todd Kloots for the Yahoo! Accessibility Lab. It answers a very common problem for Mac computers and has been re-printed within the Intuit Accessibility blog with permission from Yahoo Accessibility. Full keyboard access isn’t enabled by default in Mac OS. Often this leaves developers thinking there is something wrong […]

  • Avoiding accessibility typos

    Avoiding accessibility typos

    I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible time typing “accessibitily”. That right there was a common typo that keeps popping up. My fingers get tangled typing the last 6 letters. So here’s a little tip for my fellow Mac users. I’m sure there is a similar version for PC users.