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  • Inclusion requires more than hiring efforts

    Many companies have programs to diversify their workforce by expanding hiring opportunities for those with disabilities and under-represented communities. But hiring is not enough, you need to give people the resources, respect, and opportunities to bring their whole selves to work and be successful.

  • Authority Podcast: Accessibility, Inclusive Design, and Accommodations at Intuit

    Eric Pines (Authority Magazine) and Ted Drake (Intuit) discuss accessibility and accommodations at Intuit.

  • Championing Accessibility at Intuit—and Experiencing It

    Sarah Margolis-Greenbaum shares her experience at Intuit from internship to driving data analysis for our customer research department. Sarah has also been a leader for our Deaf and hard of hearing colleagues and customers.

  • Intuit’s support for small businesses during and after COVID

    We’ve all been affected by the COVID pandemic. This is especially true for small business owners. There have been few opportunities to adapt to the closed buildings, reduced tourism, and shift to virtual universities and government work. At Intuit, we’ve taken significant steps to help small businesses survive the COVID shutdowns and transformations. I’d like to share some of these tools with you.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Accessibility – GAAD 2020 – Hello A11y

    Artificial Intelligence and Accessibility for Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020 Machine learning and artificial intelligence are keywords used to describe the process of building complex interactions based on large amounts of data. While the industry has been evolving steadily since the 1950’s, we are now at a point where there’s universal access to the technology. […]

  • Intuit’s Accessibility Champion Program

      Intuit’s Accessibility Champion program enables everyone to become a champion and a roadmap for people to become leaders. This was created to celebrate people making contributions towards accessibility. It highlights people via employee profile badges, congratulatory spotlights, and notifications to managers about their commitment. The program emphasizes customer empathy, disability etiquette, and accessible product […]