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  • Virtual Volunteer Opportunities for Accessibility Champions

    Find a virtual volunteer opportunity to help organizations supporting seniors, veterans, and people with a disability.

  • Intuit’s Accessibility Champion Program

      Intuit’s Accessibility Champion program enables everyone to become a champion and a roadmap for people to become leaders. This was created to celebrate people making contributions towards accessibility. It highlights people via employee profile badges, congratulatory spotlights, and notifications to managers about their commitment. The program emphasizes customer empathy, disability etiquette, and accessible product […]

  • Accessibility Keywords for Data Mining

    List of accessibility keywords How do you know what your customers with a disability are sharing with your company’s feedback forms and surveys? Is there an option for them to self-declare they have a disability? Probably not. The following list of keywords has been compiled from various sources and will help you data mine your […]

  • Notes from Web4All 2017 Day 1

    Web4All 2017 kicks off with several talks about the Gig Economy, Remote employment, and the current employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Australia and around the world.