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  • Cross-browser HTML5 video tag with fallback for Flash users

    Apple’s lack of support for Flash on the iPhone and iPad has forced people to reconsider the value of HTML5 and its video tag. It’s no longer something to put off until the future. However, adding HTML5 video support to your site AND continue to provide a Flash option for older browsers (I.E.) is not […]

  • Looking for an Action Script 3 programmer

    We’re looking for a great Flash programmer to join our team at Yahoo! If you are interested and ready to join a great team on an important project send your resume to Ted Drake.

  • Make Flash accessible to screen readers in transparent window mode

    The detour around flash for accessibility Yahoo! Tech’s home page features a flash-based media space that highlights stories, comparisons, buying guides, blog posts, and more. Making this accessible required a bit of trial and error, but the solution was simple and can be used by sites everywhere. Step 1. Inserting the flash object The site […]