• Accessibility Data Metrics and Reporting – Industry Best Practices

    Learn how your company can collect and share data metrics for accessible product development, employee resources, and customer outreach. This presentation reflects lessons learned from the Intuit Accessibility team and other technology companies.

  • CSUN Notes: Automated Testing Tools

    Lings Cars is a great example of really bad design. Please Note: this has flashing images and autoplay sounds. Readability Testing readable.io Juicy Studio writing style checker Tray Readability Tool Chrome Extensions Contrast Ratio Checker is a chrome extension for testing color contrast Color Contrast Analyzer can also handle pdf and web content No Coffee […]

  • Mystery Meat 2.0 – Making hidden mobile interactions accessible

    Mystery Meat 2.0 Ted Drake, Intuit Accessibility Poonam Tathavadkar, TurboTax CSUN 2017 Slides: slideshare.net/7mary4 Mystery Meat 2.0 – Making hidden mobile interactions accessible from Ted Drake This presentation was created for the CSUN 2017 conference. It introduces several hidden interactions available within Android and iOS. Learn how these work and how to make them accessible. […]