SwitchProxy – Firefox plugin for controlling your proxy servers

Firefox allows us to customize the browser with small extensions. This flexibility has given each of us a batch of tools we can’t live without. The web developer toolbar, firebug, linky, adblock and stumbleupon are probably the most famous of these creatures.

SwitchProxy is a small extension that works very well. If you work behind firewalls that require proxy servers, this is a god send. It allows you to quickly change between proxies and can even be setup to use anonymous servers. It also allows you to switch to no proxy.

Ignore this post if you don’t know what a proxy server is. You’ll probably never need SwitchProxy. But, if you are building web sites behind a firewall, this is a great help.

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  1. Foxyproxy is better because you don’t have to swich proxies ever. It uses proxies based on the URL you’re trying to go to. I have a config file that works great at work if you’d like.

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