Set up Dreamweaver to color code alternate file types

I’ve been stymied lately by Dreamweaver, my preferred coding program. I still hold onto this program because I know it’s key commands and color coding. However, I’ve been working in a new template system and the internal files have a new file extension.

I don’t know if it is a Yahoo! secret system, so let’s just call this new extension .ted. I like the way that sounds. So, how do I get this new .ted file to look like a .php file in Dreamweaver’s code view? I tried to find the information on the Macromedia Adobe site and only came up with documentation about the preexisting .inc files.

David A found this page: Changing and adding file extensions recognized by Dreamweaver MX. It solved the issue.

Dreamweaver has a series of text and xml files that let you customize it’s functionality. You’ll need to open these files in something other than Dreamweaver. I used XMLSpy but Notepad would be just as peachy. There’s a txt file, Extensions.txt, that lists all of the file types recognized. Add your new file name at the top and then under the subcategory. I added .ted under php.
You then need to open MMDocumentTypes.xml and add the new file extensions in the appropriate win and mac file extensions fields.

This may sound complicated but it is pretty easy. I’d give it a 1 star on the difficulty ratings.

I was hoping that I could set up multiple .ted files, i.e. css.ted, php.ted, and js.ted. Dreamweaver doesn’t like these double file type strings. So just choose the category that best fits your programming field.

Finding this information could take you hours, possibly days. Adjusting the files and living a much happier coding life will take about 5 minutes. Now stop staring at black text and make it purty!



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  1. Steve Frost Avatar

    Thank you!!
    This has been bugging me for a while.

  2. Pawel Pohl Avatar
    Pawel Pohl

    Hi, I came across here looking for info on the last-child pseudoclass 😉 and found this. Just what I needed to edit PHP .modules for Drupal! Thanks!

  3. Ben Avatar

    The new link to the Adobe article in the post is

  4. Mo Avatar

    Thanks a million!!!

    life saver!!! my eyes where killing me.


  5. Lubo Avatar

    Thanks a lot!!

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