Quick and Free Online PDF Creator

I needed to create a .pdf document for a paper submission to an upcoming conference. Unfortunately I do not have Acrobat Writer on m laptop so I needed a quick fix.
PDF Online has a very simple tool for generating .pdf documents: Doc2PDF.
you simply upload your document, give it a name, your email address and its delivered in less than a minute.

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3 responses to “Quick and Free Online PDF Creator”

  1. Matter Avatar

    CutePDF also works really well, and you don’t need to rely on a net connection.

  2. Miklos Avatar

    From my recollection, doc2pdf does not preserve hypertext links in the original document (if you want to put the PDF online, say) – it merely displays them according to the style.

  3. Miklos Avatar

    PS: neither CutePDF nor Doc2PDF (I checked) preserve hypertext links. CutePDF is equivalent to PrimoPDF (works like a print driver).

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