Face Blindness – prosopagnosia

What is prosopagnosia, aka Face Blindness? In this article, Brad Pitt talks about his inability to recognize faces and how people mistake this as aloofness and disrespect: Brad Pitt opens up about suffering from undiagnosed prosopagnosia, or ‘face blindness’.
Pre-Covid face mask

I have this problem.

I have a terrible time remembering names and faces. I used to think I was just lazy and not putting in enough effort to memorize and associate names with colors or animals. It’s especially frustrating as a photographer, as I’ve studied the face, lighting, and structure. But then I listened to a podcast about super recognisers: people who have an extreme ability to recognize faces. They have a test you can take to see where you land on the scale of facial recognition and I am in the lower 25%, frankly I guessed so much that I could be anywhere in that quartile.

If we meet and I don’t know your name, it’s not a personal insult. I’ll remember it 10 minutes later…hopefully. With the remote working of COVID, we’re all pretty rusty and it’s probably just a good habit of reintroducing ourselves as we go back to the office. This is especially true when we are wearing face masks.






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