Positive Advertisements that Include Accessibility

Inclusion is the goal for all accessibility professionals. Our goal is to give everyone the freedom to accomplish any task independently. We also recognize the importance of social inclusion of people of all abilities. I’ve created a playlist of videos on YouTube that include people with different abilities in a positive spirit without falling into the inspiration porn mindset.

My favorites are the Wimpy’s burgers with braille buns, South Africa tourism, and the singing children from Thailand.

Published by Ted

Accessibility is more than making sure images have alternate text. I work with engineers, product managers, and designers to understand how accessibility impacts the users, set realistic deadlines, and create the solutions to provide a delightful experience to all users, regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive ability.

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  1. Hello Ted,
    That video was so awesome and inspirational. After watching that video I thought that I took right decision of making career is accessibility. I hope for QuadF users people have might enjoyed filing their taxes. I wish I would have seen that joy in their face. Really nice video. Thanks again Ted for giving me an opportunity to work in such mind blowing field.


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