Bookmarklet for finding incorrect use of aria-owns

We’ve discovered the hard way that our products have incorrectly used the aria-owns attribute. With the recent Chrome updates, this has triggered the pages to break the customer experience with JAWS and NVDA.

I created the following bookmarklet to highlight all elements on your screen that use aria-owns. To use this, drag the following link to your bookmark bar, open a page, and then press the link. It will highlight any elements that use aria-owns.

highlight elements with aria-owns
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The resurrected AOL DHTML Style Guide

A long, long time ago the best keyboard style guide was published on the AOL Developer channel. I was searching for it this weekend and discovered it had been deleted years ago. I’m posting a version from January 27, 2013 below with apologies to AOL for copying and thanks to Internet Archive for making older web sites available. For more historical perspective visit Snook’s post: Keyboard Accessibility for Web Applications

To be completely clear, I had nothing to do with creating this guide, but I hate to see it disappear.

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Intuit’s Accessibility Champion Program

Intuit Accessibility Champion Level 3
This badge appears on a Level 3 Champions employee profile page

Intuit’s Accessibility Champion program enables everyone to become a champion and a roadmap for people to become leaders. This was created to celebrate people making contributions towards accessibility. It highlights people via employee profile badges, congratulatory spotlights, and notifications to managers about their commitment. The program emphasizes customer empathy, disability etiquette, and accessible product design and development.

This post shares the Intuit Accessibility Champion process and includes resources and descriptions for your company to adopt the program. Intuit’s program has evolved continually, tasks have been added, made optional, and resources updated. Use this as a baseline and modify it to represent what is important for your organization. For instance, a restaurant may focus on customer interactions and not web application development.

Intuit’s program is hosted on QuickBase, an enterprise database program. It could easily be set up for Google Forms or your preferred platform. Data metrics has been a key to success, so use a solution that lets you filter champions by role, location, manager, etc.

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Disability Organization volunteer opportunities in your city

Volunteering with a disability organization is an incredible opportunity to gain deep empathy for your customers. You can make a sincere impact by sharing  your time and resources. The following list was created for fellow Intuit Accessibility Champions to find nearby organizations. Please leave your favorite organization in the comments.

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