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Icon Buffet has begun releasing free sets of icons to the masses. It’s these same masses, you and I, that have the power to distribute these little bundles of goodness. You see, each person is assigned a set of icons, I have the Shanghai set. You then trade these sets with your buddies.

So, if you really want another set, for instance the Marseilles Cafe set, you arrange to share your icons with your Marseilles laden buddy. That being said. If anyone has the Marseilles Cafe or Taipei Plastic Primates and would like to trade, leave a comment. Or, if anyone needs the Shanghai set, do the same.

I now have the following sets available for trade:

  • Shanghai Tech
  • Maseilles Cafe
  • Oslo Atmosphere
  • Durango Research


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  1. I have the Marseilles set, but don’t have the Shanghei set and can send it to you. What email do I send it to? Can you send me the Shanghei set? Thanks!

  2. I have Durango Research, Mallow Buzz 1, Oslo Finance, and Shanghai Tech to trade. I am looking for:

    Manhattan Night Life
    Marseilles Cafe
    Oslo Atmosphere
    Tower Grove Melee
    Tower Grove Promendate

    shane [at] fariswheel [dot] com

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