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I used to think HTML5 was just a pipe dream; something that was a nice idea but had no legs. However, the recent advancement of smart phones makes this the perfect approach for building web-based phone apps. Hence, my interest now in joining the HTML5 game.

There’s a great resource for those like me starting to dip their toes into the HTML5 pool: HTML5 Doctor. This web site is a collaboration between some of the biggest and brightest stars of web development: Rich Clark, Bruce Lawson, Jack Osborne, Mike Robinson, Remy Sharp, Tom Leadbetter, and Oli Studholme.

The article How to use HTML5 in your client work right now has some interesting suggestions on adding HTML5 functionality to your existing projects. This works hand in hand with using advanced CSS3 rules. Don’t break IE6, but start letting the advanced browsers and platforms give your users more functionality.

Here’s a summary of HTML5 bits that you can begin using today.

  • Use the HTML5 doctype and character set.
  • Use the simplified <script> and <style> elements.
  • Use semantic class names that are representative of the new HTML5 elements. See @boblet’s cheat sheet for more on this.
  • Use block level links.
  • Use the new form attributes and input types.
  • Use the new <audio> and <video> media elements (but make sure they degrade gracefully).
  • Plug the gaps with something like Modernizr.

How to use HTML5 in your client work right now – Richard Clark

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