How to fix your K2 powered wordpress blog after upgrading to 2.5

Did you upgrade to WordPress 2.5 and now discover a fatal error? You may see this error when you log into the admin section if you have enabled the K2 sidebar manager:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_register_sidebar_widget() in /home/.foo/bar/ on line 31.

Brad at ChaoticTech has created a simple solution.

Here’s why: WordPress 2.5 has a slick new dashboard that takes use of widgets to work. K2 blocks widgets when you use Sidebar Modules (which is awesome), so WordPress 2.5 can’t get to widgets.

What this does is make it so that Widgets is disabled for everywhere so that Sidebar Modules will work, EXCEPT for the dashboard. This pretty much solves it.

Nice and simple.
K2 + WordPress 2.5 = Broken? I can fix that

Visit Chaotic Tech for the php code. You’ll simply over-write the widgets-removal.php file. Thanks Brad, you’ve saved me a ton of headaches.

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