Hedger Wang is God! – well a guru at least.

Hedger Wang responded to my desperate plea for help on the z-index issue with a simple test page on his blog with an ingenious iframe solution. How people imagine these solutions is simply beyond me. So, then I started going through his blog and was blown away by his tests and solutions. CSS, JS, AJAX, you name it, this is a goldmine on info.

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Accessibility is more than making sure images have alternate text. I work with engineers, product managers, and designers to understand how accessibility impacts the users, set realistic deadlines, and create the solutions to provide a delightful experience to all users, regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive ability.

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  1. shhhhh…. let’s keep it quiet.
    We don’t want too many know that there’s a living God on earth!! đŸ˜‰

    ‘in Hedger we believe” ….

  2. I found his site yesterday, and I couldn’t leave. I spent several hours just drooling over the awesome scripts. But today I can’t make it to any of those pages. I’m going to go cry now.

  3. Hello, I found this blog post while searching for help with JavaScript. I’ve recently changed browsers from Chrome to Firefox 3.2. After the change I seem to have a issue with loading JavaScript. Every time I browse site that requires Javascript, my computer freezes and I get a “runtime error javascript.JSException: Unknown name”. I can’t seem to find out how to fix the problem. Any help is very appreciated! Thanks

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