Dive into HTML5 should be everyone’s intro to the standard

I just found out about the Dive Into HTML5 tutorial. It’s downright amazing. I wish all specs were so carefully described. Don’t miss the first chapter on the history of standards creation. It gives you a good understanding of why the HTML standards are quirky and why HTML5 is progressing the way it is.

I especially like the way they test your browser for its ability to handle the various components you are reading about. Take an hour or so to go through this tutorial. It’s the best read you’ll have for the week.

Another good tutorial is The Best HTML5 Slides Ever, but you’ll need to view it in Safari. It doesn’t work well in the standard Firefox and forget about IE.

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One response to “Dive into HTML5 should be everyone’s intro to the standard”

  1. Francesco Avatar

    http://diveintohtml5.org/ is a great link I did not know: I started reading the html story and it is very fascinating. I also had a look to the slides you cite and they seem ok in my firefox 3.6.3: perhaps an older version?


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