Intuit’s support for small businesses during and after COVID

This document was created for participants of the Sagebrush conference for Randolph Sheppard Vendors of America. The information is also valuable for every business reopening and starting their future in a Post-COVID world.

We’ve all been affected by the COVID pandemic. This is especially true for small business owners. For many, there have been few opportunities to adapt to the closed buildings, reduced tourism, and shift to virtual universities and government work.

At Intuit, our success metrics are based on powering prosperity of small businesses. Our goal is to increase the number of businesses that succeed past the five-year mark. So, we’ve taken significant steps to help small businesses survive the COVID shutdowns and transformations. I’d like to share some of these tools with you.

Lara Balazs, Intuit’s Chief Marketing Officer and GM of Strategic Partnerships explained:

“In service to our company mission of powering prosperity around the world, it was imperative that Intuit offer a response that best serves our local and global communities, customers and small businesses by focusing on what matters most during this time: putting money into the pockets of consumers and small businesses when they need it most.”

Business Advice and Resources Website

Intuit has created a resource site for businesses, it’s located at: COVID-19 Small Business Help: Explore QuickBooks resources. You’ll find links on this page to the following resources. You do not need to be a QuickBooks customer to use them.

Intuit’s Aid Assist web site includes tools to help small businesses access the Paycheck Protection Program loans and estimate Tax Credits for 2020 and 2021.

These tools helped businesses apply for and receive millions of dollars in loans. Intuit’s tools will help you understand if you are eligible for a first or second loan and the process for loan forgiveness. You can also estimate how much benefit you can receive from the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), paid leave credits, and potential for tax deferral.

Additional Resources to emerge stronger from the pandemic

Crisis events force us to re-evaluate our goals and how to be successful. Intuit has created a series of videos, workshops, articles, and materials to help you rebuild your business and expand your opportunities.

Intuit launched Accelerate, a video conferencing platform to support businesses and their customers and employees. This provides a secure, private conversation that would have taken place in person. You can share notes, create action items, and save a transcript for later reference.

Announce you are reopening with a series of customizable posters, social media posts, signage, and much more with our marketing support site. These free templates make it easy to create professional announcements for your business.

Intuit partnered with GoFundMe to help you create campaigns for loyal customers to help re-open and expand your business.

Intuit has worked with companies to provide special discounts for COVID responses. You can get discounts for credit monitoring, printing, insurance, and more.

Finally, the future is in your hands and knowledge is going to power your prosperity. Intuit has worked with business leaders to provide articles, interviews, and town hall meetings (YouTube). All of these, as well as links to government and health resources are available at our COVID-19 Small Business Resource web site.





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