Captioning Sucks and Needs a Jump Start

Captioning Sucks - No shit Sherlock, lets fix it
The internet is awash in video. YouTube, Yahoo Video, and other video sites host millions of videos with little attention to close captioning. For many sites, the text translations exist, they simply are not used. This sucks.

Television shows have featured captioning for many years. It’s sometimes the only way to figure out what they are saying on South Park. However, captioning standards are all over the place, the quality of text is questionable, and the industry is not supporting new innovations. This sucks.

Joe Clark is working on a new standard to fix these issues. He probably knows more about captioning than any other breathing creature in the world is the new home to the future of captioning. Perhaps it is time to buy the domain:, for hopefully it won’t suck much longer.

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  1. andraz Avatar

    Hi from Zemanta!

    Talking about closed captioning… A year ago we did quite a revolutionary project on that topic for slovenian national televison.

    We created a system to automatically create rich web pages from closed captioning subtitles. With automatic images, links to wikipedia and to other related stories, and ability to have a button at each paragraph where you can press and it starts playing there.

    The project was very successful. Take a look at pages of the shows there are created without human intervention (apart from just clicking on subtitle and on a video file).

    btw: thanks for using our service! we are trying hard to make zemanta even better.


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