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  • Accessible responsive images

    Responsive web design, creating a single page that morphs with the view port size, is a major feature of modern web design. There are many factors to consider for performance and accessibility. This article will touch on responsive design’s impact on image accessibility.

  • Use a content delivery network for dirt cheap

    The Yahoo! exceptional performance team has released a series of best practice rules for making your site perform significantly faster. Fortunately, the majority of fixes can be handled by any developer. #2 however seems a bit outside the budget of most developers… until now 2: Use a Content Delivery Network Let’s say you have a […]

  • Background image for visited links

    I’ve been a recent convert to Design Meltdown. The site disects a visual theme and gives examples on how to use them and where they are being used. While exploring the latest post about sketches for the web, I noticed an interesting approach to the visited pages. The Breakdown The site has a series of […]