Bookmarklet for finding incorrect use of aria-owns

We’ve discovered the hard way that our products have incorrectly used the aria-owns attribute. With the recent Chrome updates, this has triggered the pages to break the customer experience with JAWS and NVDA.

I created the following bookmarklet to highlight all elements on your screen that use aria-owns. To use this, drag the following link to your bookmark bar, open a page, and then press the link. It will highlight any elements that use aria-owns.

highlight elements with aria-owns

Test the bookmarklet


The above header and this link Last-Child homepage contain aria-owns attributes. Click on the bookmarklet to see how it highlights their state. Please note, these are actually valid uses of the aria-owns attribute. They aren’t ideal, the text should have simply been in the correct DOM.


Bookmarklet adjustment to the page.

screenshot of page with the highlighted items that use aria-owns
This shows the page with aria-owns items highlighted

Aria-owns inserts homepage into the link

accessibility inspector
This screenshot shows how the accessibility inspector has inserted “homepage” into the link.

This bookmarklet is also available on Github: Accessibility Bookmarklets (Github)






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