Codesniffer bookmarklet found lots of errorsBookmarklets are small javascript links that let you perform tasks in your browser. I have collected a set of bookmarklets that allow easier accessibility testing. This collection will certainly grow. What is your favorite? Add it in the comments.

To use a bookmarklet, drag the link to your bookmark toolbar. Then click on it to trigger the action on your favorite page.

Bookmarklets from Yahoo! Accessibility Lab

Bookmarklets from around the web

screen shot of a Yahoo! Finance data table after using the Data Table bookmarklet
Jim Thatcher’s Data Table bookmarklet shows the caption and table header properties of this data table on Yahoo! Finance. (Disclosure) I built many of the Yahoo! Finance data tables

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Accessibility is more than making sure images have alternate text. I work with engineers, product managers, and designers to understand how accessibility impacts the users, set realistic deadlines, and create the solutions to provide a delightful experience to all users, regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive ability.

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