YUI libraries are updated again!

The Yahoo! platform developers work continuously to make the YUI libraries as bulletproof as possible. Don’t pass up on this opportunity to have top-quality interactions that scale to enormous traffic, are platform independent, and evolve with new technology and concepts. Remember, they’re built for Yahoo! first and then offered to you for free. They’ve got to be the best to handle Yahoo’s demands.

The libraries are now version v.0.11. I think that still puts them in the pre-teen category. Wait until they hit version .14 when they begin listening to really bad boy bands and hanging out at the mall after school.

Visit the YUI developer blog today to get the lowdown on all of the fixes. I have had an annoying issue with a select box and z-index that will be fixed with the introduction of this latest version. So make sure you update your import links and enjoy.

Here’s a summary of the benefits:

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