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When it comes to marrying standards-based web design and Flash, there’s only one name that stands out. Todd Dominey is a legend and hero for creating the flash-based headers, the PGA re-designs, and Slide Show Pro.

SSP gave us a great platform to build photo galleries based on XML. Dominey has just released a new product, Slide Show Pro Director, which provides an AJAX-based interface for creating new slide shows.

I’ve just begun using Director and I’m mighty impressed. If you are currently using Slide Show Pro, you should download this helper application. It’s only $20 and will make your life much easier.

Frankly, the previously provided photoshop droplet and xml generator worked fairly well. But it was still a clunky procedure and my slideshows have stagnated. I’m looking forward to re-building all of them with this new director, providing fresh images and more movies.

Support the Godfathers (and Godmothers – Molly and Holly)

If you are new to the standards-based web dev world, consider this your opportunity to support those that made your new career possible. Buy the Slide Show Pro suite, get the latest version of Zeldman’s book when it comes out, grab a set of icons from Simple Bits, and continue to purchase standards-based web design books by Molly, Eric, et al. Donate them to new programmers once you’ve memorized the techniques. Spread the word and the wealth.

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