Make a niche search engine with Yahoo! BOSS

The Yahoo! Developer Network blog just published an article I wrote about Yahoo! BOSS. It discusses how to use the search filters and query attributes with the BOSS API.

I’ve used these methods on, a vegetarian search engine and will be launching a new niche search engine in the next few weeks.
Yahoo! BOSS plus your ideas make a unique search experience


Insider Food badge for featured expertsI’ve just taken the covers off my latest search engine project. Insider Food is a regional search engine powered by local bloggers, chefs, and restaurant fanatics.

It’s a wee bit slow right now due to a multitude of API requests to Yahoo! Boss, Yahoo! Pipes, Flickr, Amazon, and more. Look for some upcoming posts about the construction of the site. Hopefully I can even describe caching and threading. Once somebody teaches me :).

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