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Icon Buffet, creators of really cool icons, has a nifty free icon program. Free Delivery is a social sharing approach to free graphics. You get a set for free and you can give that set to your friends, who in turn can share their icons with you. All of this is really simple and helpful.

coffee cup iconI’m in the process of building a new web site for a friend’s floral design company and need some icons, especially Tower Grove Wedding. I have the following icon sets to share:

  • Ashbury Menagerie
  • Durango Research
  • Mallow Buzz 1
  • Mallow Buzz 2
  • Manhattan Finance
  • Manhattan Veggie
  • Marseilles Cafe
  • Modena Alfanumerico Cold
  • Oslo Atmosphere
  • Oslo Finance
  • Shanghai Tech

If you’ve got Tower Grove Wedding or any others that I’m missing, or you need one of these, please leave a comment or send a message to ted(at)


Jemaleddin has pssed on some new icons, I can now share these as well.

  • Dresden Atmosphere
  • Helsinki Hi-Fi
  • Shanghai Tech Smilies
  • Taipei Buddies 1
  • Tower Grove Melee






7 responses to “More Icon Buffet Requests”

  1. Jemaleddin Avatar

    I have 5 deliveries to share of each of these ones that you don’t have:

    Dresden Atmosphere
    Helsinki Hi-Fi
    Shanghai Tech Smilies
    Taipei Buddies 1
    Tower Grove Melee

    As well as 5 each of these that you do (for anyone else):

    Ashbury Menagerie
    Mallow Buzz 2
    Manhattan Finance
    Manhattan Veggie
    Oslo Atmosphere

    Want me to give you each of the first list?

  2. Jemaleddin Avatar

    Okay, I sent – if you want to send me any or all of: Durango Research, Mallow Buzz 1, Marseilles Cafe, Modena Alfanumerico Cold, Shanghai Tech – that would be super cool.

  3. Deborah Avatar


    We’ve shared the icons before. I have Tower Grove Wedding as well as Manhattan Symbol, Shanghai Tech Vector, and Tower Grove Promenade.

    If you could send me Ashbury Menagerie, that would be great.

  4. Maria Avatar

    I would love to to get Manhattan Veggie, Marseilles Breakfast and a few others if possible. Please forgive me as I’m not to sure how to contact you on this page.

    These are the ones that I have:


  5. marie Avatar

    I would really like any of these, if possible, especially the tower grove ones:

    Helsinki Hi-Fi
    Mallow Buzz 1
    Manhattan Smilies 2
    Modena Alfanumerico Cold
    Modena Alfanumerico Cool
    Shanghai Tech Smilies
    Shanghai Tech Vector
    Shanghai Toolbox
    Taipei Buddies 1
    Taipei Plastic Primates
    Tower Grove Melee
    Tower Grove Wedding


  6. marie Avatar

    forgot to mention that I have these available to share:

    Alexandria Architecture
    Alexandria Atmosphere
    Anaheim Alert
    Ashbury Menagerie
    Ashbury Welcome
    Dresden Atmosphere
    Dresden Tournament
    Durango Research
    Farewell Snow
    Groom Lake Invasion
    Kyoto Auto
    Mallow Buzz 2
    Manhattan Finance
    Manhattan Metroplex
    Manhattan Night Life
    Manhattan Smilies 1
    Manhattan Symbol
    Manhattan Veggie
    Marseilles Breakfast
    Marseilles Cafe
    Modena Alfanumerico Molten
    Modena Simbolo
    Oslo Atmosphere
    Oslo Easter
    Oslo Finance
    Pumpkin Eve 1
    Pumpkin Eve 2
    Shanghai Tech
    Super Modena Bros
    Taipei Buddies 2
    Taipei Monkey
    Taipei Night Market
    Tower Grove Elementalist
    Tower Grove Promenade

  7. Roy Higgs Avatar
    Roy Higgs

    Hi Marie, can you share the Modena Alfanumerico Molten icons?

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