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I was watching one of those vapid morning television shows today. They went outside to the cheering, freezing fans that line outside the studio hoping Betty-Sue in the trailer park will see them on TV. This morning’s exhibition had singing elf-ettes walking by the masses pretending to hand out christmas gifts. I swear one of them was holding a Norton Antivirus 2000 box. mini icons from Brand Spanking NewSo anyways, just before their gift was within grasping distance of one of those freezing, jolly masses, they’d spin around, pull the gift back and sing a chorus about Christmas is the time for giving.

Yes, Christmas is the time to tease people with free gifts of outdated software. Here’s a real gift, 113 10×10 greyscale icons from Brand Spanking New for your web site. I know, you were hoping for an iDog, some beef jerky, or even an outdated antivirus package. Cheer up, these little icons are just the thing to add another bit of polish to your site.

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