Inclusive Home Design from China

My current obsession is a home renovation show. You’ve seen a million of these shows that primarily center on an architect/designers ego and their interpretation of what a homeowner would like. But this show is completely different. Dream House Renovation – ?????, a Chinese show with English subtitles, is a masterclass in inclusive design.Each episode follows a family living in home that doesn’t fit their needs. Many times the household is multi-generational and the designers have to build unique solutions for grandparents to the grand children.

Episode 6 is a classic example. It features  Wang Zhichong, a prominent translator/author with ankylosing spondylitis. His wife has been his primary care giver, but now has dementia. Their daughter travels more than an hour each day to care for them. They have a flat that is 45square meters and doesn’t support his reduced motion, a bathtub that is unusable, and no space for their daughter to spend the night. The episode starts with an ego-driven designer that uses minimal research and combines general inclusive concepts with no personal customization. Problems quickly arise and he is replaced by an architect that takes a truly inclusive approach. This designer meets with the client, the client’s doctor, takes body measurements, and explores how the house can better support the couple. The final home is beautiful and provides unique solutions for each member of the family. Including this chair that was designed to Wang’s body and supports him while he works.Wang Zhichong using a customized chair that helps him stand at his desk

You can watch the show on Amazon Prime

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