Yahoo! Hack Day – Paxilled

There’s a special buzz around the halls of Yahoo! today as Hack Day is about to begin. We have 24 hours to build, modify, or tweak the existing Yahoo! Technologies. We can also go outside the box and build new technologies.

Hundertwasser pathway in Vienna

I have decided to go way, way, way outside the box with my hack. I’m hacking the lexicon, the dictionary, the world of slang. I’m bypassing the world of code and trying to use the social network world to add a new word to our vocabulary.


Pronunciation: ‘paks-seld’
Function: adjective
  1. Resembling the common side-effects of Paxil® medication: blurry, anxious, confused.
    Sample Uses
    The new Tarantino film left me paxilled
    The site launched with a crowded, paxilled navigation menu
    The lensbaby gives photos a paxilled effect
  2. Medicated with Paxil.
    Sample Uses
    Susan is happier with her paxilled hubby.

This hack is about the web’s social network capability. Consider this an invitation to use the word and publish it.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Visit for the full definition and links to progress results.
  • If you use Flickr , add the tag “paxilled” to images that are… paxilled. These could be images that are blurry, confused, hectic, anxious… The image could be perfectly normal but represent a paxilled person, place or thing.
  • Join the new Flickr photo group: paxilled
  • Use paxilled in a blog post and add the tag “paxilled”. Use paxilled in other types of publications.
  • Use paxilled in your daily conversation.
  • Add paxilled to wikipedia, urban slang dictionary, or any other online resource center that you think may be appropriate.

If you have something online, share it with a comment on this post.

Front-end Engineering Job Opening with Yahoo! Tech

There’s a dream job opening with Yahoo! Tech.

We’re looking for someone that knows CSS and JavaScript. You need to eat, drink, and sleep standards-based web development, accessibility, and have a passion for doing the job right the first time. You need to be self-motivated, out-going, and hungry for new technologies and skills.

This opening is for my dream job. Yes, I am leaving Yahoo! in the near future and joining European Yahoo! for a position in Paris. So, you’ll have some big shoes to fill as I leave for my next dream opportunity.

If you are ready to ditch your current gig for this opportunity at Yahoo! Send me your resume and we’ll get the ball rolling. We need to find the best person as soon as possible.
Resumes can be sent to

Browser wars get the star geek treatment

The Web Sig in the Silicon Valley is putting together a very impressive meeting at the end of the month. Browser Wars, it’s a spoof of Star Wars and the dreaded browser wars of the 90’s.

Browser Wars
I’m the first to cringe when someone discusses Star Trek or Star Wars in reverential tones. The theme alone is enough for me to think twice about this event. However, this night at the Yahoo! campus will bring out the big guns of the browsers (Chris Wilson from IE, Mike Shaver from FireFox, and Håkon Wium Lie from Opera are members of W3C).

The three of them will discuss the DOM object, the future of browsers, and more. Here’s a snippet of the announcement.

Attack of the DOMs is very relevant in this Browser Wars Episode II as Web 2.0 increasingly utilizes AJAX in interface design, functionality and web applications. Each browser implements its supported DOM. IE7 is known to suffer in performance from memory leaks that are related to its inherited DOM architectural design. Firefox quickly gains popularity with its DOM strategy among Web 2.0 communities with faster loading time. DOM Level 2 CSS allows programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content and of style sheets documents. No designers can deny the importance of the interaction between CSS and DOM in rendering site design properly across browsers.
Web Sig

If you are in the Silicon Valley, hurry up and reserve your seating today! This will fill up quickly and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Håkon Wium Lie, the inventor of CSS and one of the original creators of the “internet”. The event is free to attend and Yahoo! will provide snacks and free sodas.

Aggregate RSS from all over the web with Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo! has been thriving on hacks. It’s quarterly Hack Days have given engineers the opportunity to build radical and sometimes silly alterations of existing services. Once in a while, these hacks are truly revolutionary. Enter Yahoo! Pipes.

Yahoo Pipes
This super cool project started as a Hack and has now become an official project. How cool is it? Think of the impact Digg, Flickr, Delicious, Technorati, and YouTube had on the internet in 2006. Pipes has that potential!

So, what is this potential “Segway” product? Pipes allows you to create aggregated feeds to publish on your own site.

Lets say you wanted to create a web page about Pizza in someone’s local area. B.P. (Before Pipes) you would have to write code for a form requesting a zip code, you’d then have to write code to request the appropriate rss feed from Yahoo! Local for restaurants, Epicurious for recipes, Craigslist for pizza loving personal ads, Flickr for images of pizza, etc. You’d then have to parse the XML and build modules to display the information.

That’s a lot of work for a simple project.

Enter the Pipe

Pipes allows you to do all of this in a simple drag and drop interface. I first used it in its early Alpha stage and it took me about 10 minutes to figure out what was happening. They’ve steadily worked on the interface and you can accomplish the above tasks in about 5 minutes. You can then use their tools to publish the results to your own blog or web site.

Mashing up has now become easier than opening a box of potato flakes and adding water. This is big folks, really big.

Here’s how the Pipes team describes their goal

Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. Using Pipes, you can create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant.

It ain’t perfect… yet

Pipes does have some rough edges, there’s no doubt about it. It’s not very accessible, but they’re working on that right now. If you have suggestions or find bugs, let them know.

Enjoy this site as the super-cool, revolutionary site it is. It’s was created with passion and hard work by a small devoted team. They’ve got the spirit of a startup with the power of Yahoo!

Enjoy the new A.P. Era (After Pipes).

Yahoo YUI Anniversary Party

It’s been a year since Yahoo! released it’s JavaScript and CSS libraries to the open-source world. Millions of web pages are now using these scripts and Yahoo! is inviting its users to come to its campus for a party.

The YUI blog has the following invitation:

Join us Thursday, February 22nd, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM, at Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale, California. Visit for details and to RSVP. 300 people max, so RSVP early!

Beer. Food. Music. Guitar Hero on the projectors. Some other goodies and a few announcements we think you’ll like. (No, not Beck.)

At 6:30 there will be a brief presentation by the YUI team. After that we’ll have “built-with-YUI mini-demos”, where some of you can take the stage for 5 minutes to show off how you’ve been using the YUI Library. There’s only time for a handful of these quick talks before resuming the music and party around 7:15, so leave a note in the comments or send me an email directly (natek at yahoo-inc dot com) to get your proposal in.
YUI Blog

So, mosey on over to and RSVP for the YUI Anniversary party. The tag for this event is: yuiparty07.