How to include a copyright symbol in any language

I found this page today while trying to find the proper way to add a copyright symbol ( © ) with XSL. Copyright Symbol Webpage is simply a good reference to how and why to use the copyright symbol.

Here’s a snippet on how to use it in XSL

Unicode Copyright Symbol – Programmers, please NOTE:

Unicode is required by modern standards such as Java, XML, ECMAScript / JavaScript, CORBA, WML, LDAP etc.

Pretty much all of the questions about Copyright Symbols for standards that use Unicode will require the © input. however, this may differ such as for XSL as listed below. We have tried to collate what we can for you – if you can’t work out the answer from here…keep on searching – and please write to us with any information that you think would be useful on this site.

Java Script / JSP Copyright Symbol

In Java use the unicode © or © to get the copyright symbol. One common mistake is typing the © into the code, which will not work.

XML Copyright Symbol

In XML use the unicode © or © to get the copyright symbol.

XSL Copyright Symbol

If you were to use the ‘©‘ entity with XSL, you may well come across the complaint of “Reference to undefined entity ‘copy’.”

In XSL always use ©

Copyright Symbol Webpage

Great job opening for senior web devs

posted: June 19, 2007

If you like to travel, work on many different projects, and make a difference to millions of web viewers… I’ve got the job opening for you.

Skills required

  • You’ve worked with web applications before
  • You are solid with HTML, CSS, Semantic Markup, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of XML, XSL, PHP
  • Ability to work with people, strong communication, and passion about the web industry

This is an interesting job and you’ll certainly be challenged. The team is filled with brilliant programmers and are making an impact on the web.

Send resumes and sample web sites to me directly and I will pass them on to the right person. You can get more information and submit your resume here: Senior Front End Engineer, Yahoo! MediaSuite

Latest releases

I’ve been a busy camper this year. Sometimes it seems like I’m so deep in code that I can’t enjoy the fun, creative aspects of web development. However, I have seen a couple sites launch that I’ve had the pleasure of working on.

Yahoo! Food

When I heard Yahoo! was building a food site, I thought Hot Diggity Damn. I want to work on that one. However, I was deeply committed to an important post-launch facelift of Yahoo! Tech. So, I told the Food team that I wanted to help as much as possible. This is a really nice site, with a great leader. The site, from the very beginning, had a distinct character and huge ambitions. Programming the code was nothing compared to what the project managers did for the content.

I was only able to help with some of the early templates and platform settings. The Food team deserves tons of credit for putting together a great site in an amazingly quick time.

Eden Floral Designs

Eden Floral DesignsWhen I came to Yahoo!, I knew very little about PHP and XSL. I was anxious to learn the languages and have gotten pretty darn good with XSL. PHP, however is still a new language for me. My friend Pam asked me to help her build an e-commerce site for her new floral business back in early summer. I told her I couldn’t do it but would look around. Soon enough, I realized this was a good time to jump knee-deep in PHP and learn how to use it. We grabbed a pre-packaged cart sytem, enlisted a friend, Marc, to do the secured server settings, and off we went.

X-cart is robust, but fairly easy to work with. It’s PHP and Smarty based. I spent several weeks replacing tables with standards-based markup, editing the CSS, updating the JS, and adding Pam’s unique visual statement. It’s a pretty site with lots of white space and no rounded corners, my pet peeve.

I still have some validation errors to fix, some legacy code to cleanup, and some cross-browser fixes. But for just the two of us, this site came out pretty dang nice. If you are looking for a San Diego Florist, check out the site. If you are looking for an e-commerce platform, take a look at X-cart. This site took about 200 hours to transform and build. That’s not a small amount, but I considered it a learning experience and didn’t mind a bit.

Coming Up

I’m working on a new project at Yahoo! that is coming along great. In this world of bloated Web 2.0 web sites, this is a lean, mean fighting machine. It is blazingly fast and perfectly suited for its audience. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the announcement.

Add a conditional comment with XSL

This is probably one of those posts that I’ll use a million times and everyone else will say… that’s nice. Here’s how you create a conditional comment for IE6 with xsl. you need to use an xsl:comment and a cdata and don’t add any extra spacing.

IE6 only element, such as an image or css file