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  • How to include a copyright symbol in any language

    I found this page today while trying to find the proper way to add a copyright symbol ( © ) with XSL. Copyright Symbol Webpage is simply a good reference to how and why to use the copyright symbol. Here’s a snippet on how to use it in XSL Unicode Copyright Symbol – Programmers, please […]

  • Great job opening for senior web devs

    posted: June 19, 2007 If you like to travel, work on many different projects, and make a difference to millions of web viewers… I’ve got the job opening for you. Skills required You’ve worked with web applications before You are solid with HTML, CSS, Semantic Markup, and JavaScript Knowledge of XML, XSL, PHP Ability to […]

  • Latest releases

    I’ve been a busy camper this year. Sometimes it seems like I’m so deep in code that I can’t enjoy the fun, creative aspects of web development. However, I have seen a couple sites launch that I’ve had the pleasure of working on. Yahoo! Food When I heard Yahoo! was building a food site, I […]

  • Add a conditional comment with XSL

    This is probably one of those posts that I’ll use a million times and everyone else will say… that’s nice. Here’s how you create a conditional comment for IE6 with xsl. you need to use an xsl:comment and a cdata and don’t add any extra spacing. IE6 only element, such as an image or css […]