Great job opening for senior web devs

posted: June 19, 2007

If you like to travel, work on many different projects, and make a difference to millions of web viewers… I’ve got the job opening for you.

Skills required

  • You’ve worked with web applications before
  • You are solid with HTML, CSS, Semantic Markup, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of XML, XSL, PHP
  • Ability to work with people, strong communication, and passion about the web industry

This is an interesting job and you’ll certainly be challenged. The team is filled with brilliant programmers and are making an impact on the web.

Send resumes and sample web sites to me directly and I will pass them on to the right person. You can get more information and submit your resume here: Senior Front End Engineer, Yahoo! MediaSuite

Sample XHTML2 code

XHTML2 has been discussed for several years. It’s a logical evolution of HTML and XHTML. It introduces new tags that offer more flexibility and semantic value. So, what does it look like? Explorin Lauren has put together a sample page and it looks pretty simple.

XHTML2 introduces a new list item, the NL or Navigation List. Think of this as a cross between a DL and a UL. It is built similar to the UL but has a label tag.

You’ll also notice the image tag has been replaced with the more agnostic object tag.

Will you actually begin using XHTML2? Unfortunately, it’s not backwards compatible and browsers need a lot of evolving before they are ready for the new code. HTML5 is more likely the next evolution of HTML.

After working with XML for the past couple years, I would enjoy the structure of XHTML2. However, I also hate to think of the logistics of converting existing CMS sites and legacy sites to the new code. Not to mention the branching of CSS and/or JS for the new DOM elements.