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I’m Back

This site crashed a few months ago really, really, really hard. It looks like it may have been hacked and then exploded when trying to do an update of the plugins and such. Fortunately, the folks at Dreamhost were able to help me do a complete restore of the site. Also, I noticed it came […]

WordPress makes it easy to add features by installing plugins. While most of these are well designed, they often use WordPress defaults that are not the greatest for accessibility or performance. One of the key elements of making your site load faster is to put the JavaScript at the bottom of the page, just before […]

I’m working on a new theme for WordPress. It’s a generic theme that I hope will make it easier to build multiple business sites in the future. Part of the goal is integrating the Yahoo! YUI library into the superb K2 theme. I’ve come across a problem that should be easy to solve. WordPress allows […]

I’m having issues right now with WordPress. The problem isn’t lack of documentation, it’s the lack of current and consistent information that is driving me crazy. WordPress 2.2x introduced functionality to choose a page as the static home page. This feature fixed the need for several plugins and hacks. Create a page in your WordPress […]


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