YUI libraries are updated again!

The Yahoo! platform developers work continuously to make the YUI libraries as bulletproof as possible. Don’t pass up on this opportunity to have top-quality interactions that scale to enormous traffic, are platform independent, and evolve with new technology and concepts. Remember, they’re built for Yahoo! first and then offered to you for free. They’ve got to be the best to handle Yahoo’s demands.

The libraries are now version v.0.11. I think that still puts them in the pre-teen category. Wait until they hit version .14 when they begin listening to really bad boy bands and hanging out at the mall after school.

Visit the YUI developer blog today to get the lowdown on all of the fixes. I have had an annoying issue with a select box and z-index that will be fixed with the introduction of this latest version. So make sure you update your import links and enjoy.

Here’s a summary of the benefits:

Making AJAX work with screen readers

Gez Lemon and Steve Faulkner have published an excellent description of how screen readers react to AJAX and what you can do to make your AJAX-powered pages more accessible. Making AJAX work with screen readers is a comprehensive description of the mechanics behind screen reader behavior, workarounds, and theory. Hats off to these programmers for laying out a clear description of the issue.

Quick hint for using the YUI Container library

The YUI Container libraries work with visibility:hidden to hide your targeted div. I’ve spent too many hours trying to figure out why something wasn’t working only to realize I had display:none in the CSS. So, when you use these libraries remember visibility, not display. It’s a mantra that could keep you from pounding your forehead into a keyboard repeatedly.

And don’t forget to keep your libraries updated!

Yahoo releases new components to their YUI libraries

Yahoo began releasing it’s design and javascript libraries a few months ago. These are truly a great resource; you can benefit from some of the greatest minds at Yahoo! These scripts have been extensively tested for memory leaks, cross-browser support, and accessibility.

The latest release includes the module/container library. This group makes it super easy to add window functions to your site. These are not the popup windows of yesterday. This is about manipulating divs to hide or show on top of your existing content.

Yahoo! Tech was one of the first to implement this library, look at the dropdown menu in the top nav, “what are these words” in the tagnav, interactions for sending/saving products, and much more. It even gives you the ability to insert an iframe under the window if you have z-index issues in IE.

I am certainly the least experienced JavaScript programmer on our team and I have been able to grasp the core of these libraries. If I can do it, so can you. Visit the YUI blog for more information.