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I recently helped do some testing on the new version Yahoo! Mail for iPads and was stumped by an aria-label not working as expected. It was one of those gotcha moments, when you realize a confusion with a fundamental process. Are you wondering why your aria-label is not being announced? It’s tempting to use the […]

User generated ratings and reviews are an important part of all Yahoo! sites. You can find them on just about every page of Yahoo! Tech.  It was important for us to develop a ratings presentation device that was easy to code, accessible, flexible, and as light-weight as possible. Our final design uses a combination of […]

The <span> tag is often avoided by developers at all costs. It carries no semantic or presentational value and exisits solely as a container and hook for a developer’s CSS. Many argue that more semantic options, i.e. <strong> or <em> should be used instead. This is a good argument, but never say never. Think about […]


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