Comfort – the death of creativity

I had an art teacher, Walt Cotten, that would remind us to not get comfortable with our medium. As soon as that happened, our images would become stale and our creativity would plummet. He’d encourage us to throw our existing styles to the wind and try something completely different.

I’ve gotten comfortable with CSS. It’s like walking and chewing gum. I don’t check CSS Zen Garden every day for the latest design. I don’t seem to have the time to experiment with new CSS3 techniques. I’m getting stale.

So, what do I do? I’ve been working heavily in CSS, XML, and XSL for the past two years. It’s time to do something new. I’ve dabbled in adapting other people’s php code. I’ve dabbled in handheld style sheets. I’ve dabbled with RSS feeds and a million other things. My goals this year are to break into some new paths. I’m going to start building php pages from scratch, play around with Flash lite and other mobile applications, and delve into Internationalisation.

I’m starting from scratch with PHP. As soon as I finish my first project, I’ll document it on this site for the other CSS people out there looking for the base level tutorials. I know the frustration of asking for advice and having a PHP coder say “It’s easy, setup a parser, blah, blah blah……. and that’s it!”

FLORWAX – Mobile 2.0?

I sat next to Adrian Cockcraft on the plane up to San Jose yesterday. He just finished the ETech conference in San Diego.

He told me about his concept of bringing the Web 2.0 infrastructure to mobile appliances with some consistency. FLORWAX uses flash with AJAX like behaviors built on the Ruby on Rails platform. It’s just an accronym at this point. Let’s see if there’s any traction for this approach.