Keyboard Accessibility with the Space Bar

Keyboard accessibility is critical for your users that depend on voice recognition, onscreen keyboards, screen readers, ergonomic accessories, and your power users that prefer to avoid grabbing the mouse for every task. Most people test to make sure every interactive element can receive focus via the tab key and that buttons and links work with […]

Accessible Dropdown Menus

Ten years ago, web developers were introduced to a light-weight dropdown menu system that seemed like a perfect solution for complex, nested navigation. Suckerfish Dropdowns used the :hover state to show/hide children of the top nav element. It didn’t take long for people to realize :hover didn’t work without a mouse, meaning a large portion […]

Force the screen reader to announce digits

There are times when we want the screen reader to announce individual letters in a string. This is sometimes up to the interpretation of the screen reader with an acronym, such as NASA. There are other times when we need to force the digits, for instance in a confirmation code IXbib. This page will test […]