CSS Mastery – Advanced Web Standards Solutions – Book Review

Don’t let the title of Andy Budd’s recently released book, CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions, fool you. Yes, it is filled with advanced CSS information; but it isn’t just for the advanced programmers. I bought this book with the hope of learning some of Andy Budd’s positioning, descendent selectors, and cross-browser techniques. I didn’t […]

Color Schemer and other online color palette tools

I’ve been using Color Schemer for several years. It’s a simple tool that allows you to find complementary and harmonious colors for your web site. I didn’t have the bookmark on this computer and did a search for it. Openmodo has a great collection of online color palette tools. When you need to choose a […]

DHTML Utopia – book review

This is a difficult book to read for non-javascript programmers. If you are more comfortable with HTML and CSS, I’d recommend reading Jeremy Keith’s DOM Scripting first. Keith explains the theories behind this book. That said, I did learn enough from DHTML Utopia to not look like a complete idiot during my job interview with […]