Accessibility and Screen Reader introduction

Victor Tsaran and the Yahoo! User Interface group have put together this video to introduce the screen reader usage. It’s an eye-opener to actually experience a screen-reader in person. This video will give developers a good sample.

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Accessibility is more than making sure images have alternate text. I work with engineers, product managers, and designers to understand how accessibility impacts the users, set realistic deadlines, and create the solutions to provide a delightful experience to all users, regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive ability.

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  1. Victor,

    Your accessibility video was especially interesting and informative. As a website developer I downloaded and tested a screenreader in May 2007 in an ongoing effort to educate my small business clients and others to accessibility issues. Not being vision impaired, using a screenreader was daunting so doing the test run gave me a greater appreciation for the need to educate people about this subject. I’ve written accessiblility posts with advice and another with a freeware review on my blog at the following links:

    Advice for testing websites for accessibility:
    Review of Thunder freeware screenreader:

    Thank you for this great introduction to accessibility and screenreaders.


    P.S. A new post and backlink to your video will be online later this evening.

  2. I didn’t mention much about this video as my blog tends to mangle inline scripting (the movie). Kudos really go to Victor Tsaran, Nate Koechly, and the rest of the YUI library folks who organized this video.

    While not all Yahoo! sites are perfectly accessible, there is a sincere effort to make the sites available to everyone. The Yahoo! Accessibility Stakeholders Group, led by Victor Tsaran, is an international group of engineers working to raise accessibility awareness throughout the company.

    Here is more information on the video:

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