Intuit’s support for small businesses during and after COVID

This document was created for participants of the Sagebrush conference for Randolph Sheppard Vendors of America. The information is also valuable for every business reopening and starting their future in a Post-COVID world.

We’ve all been affected by the COVID pandemic. This is especially true for small business owners. For many, there have been few opportunities to adapt to the closed buildings, reduced tourism, and shift to virtual universities and government work.

At Intuit, our success metrics are based on powering prosperity of small businesses. Our goal is to increase the number of businesses that succeed past the five-year mark. So, we’ve taken significant steps to help small businesses survive the COVID shutdowns and transformations. I’d like to share some of these tools with you.
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Accessibilité via Paris Web

Paris Web is one of the greatest developer conferences in the world. Accessibility has been a core part of the conference and speakers from around the globe have delivered impactful presentations. The following is a set accessibility-related  videos published by Paris Web. Most of these are presented in French. View all of their videos on Paris Web’s Vimeo channel. Paris Web Videos on Vimeo

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Working Style for Ted Drake

Creating a working style guide is common for people with disabilities to describe their working style and promote greater efficiency. The style guides can explain communication preferences, assistive technology usage, flexible work hours, requirements for mental and physical health, and how they approach new projects. The working style guide may highlight areas of strength, weaknesses, and distractions.

Working style guides promote transparency within the workplace. The goal is to eliminate friction when a manager or co-worker makes a request or takes an action that is inappropriate.
What's that?
Just as personal pronoun usage has extended beyond the trans-community, the remote workplace during COVID-19 has also increased the need for everyone to create a style guide. This should also include relevant information about your home/family. For instance, you may have unexpected sounds in the background: you have a dog that barks at the doorbell, you have a child that vocalizes, the neighbor is a musician. You may be sharing Zoom-friendly space with family members and need to coordinate with their calendar.
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The Saga of Accessible Colors – Video and Slides

I recently gave a presentation for Maxability about color contrast. This is a complex topic and could never be fully covered in one hour. I hoped to bring some understanding of why we still have problems with color contrast, understanding why designers may use a color that doesn’t meet color contrast requirements, and strategies to build better products.

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Explore Intersectionality Resources for Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design includes more than recognizing challenges for our customers with a disability. It also recognizes the intersections between ability, race, gender, socioeconomic, and family dynamics. Including diverse voices in your product design and customer interviews will lead to greater products that support all of our customers.

Organizations and resources to explore

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